5 Secrets Your Dentist Won’t Tell You

1.Please brush your teeth BEFORE coming to your appointment

For the love of God, please do NOT eat right before you come in for a cleaning without brushing first! We are human beings and do NOT enjoy picking food out of your teeth. It’s just gross and this is not a car wash!

2. Please Swallow Your Spit During The Cleaning

Your saliva doesn’t become toxic when we are in there. It’s ok to swallow your own spit. It’s super annoying and takes a lot of time out of your appointment if we have to suction your mouth every two seconds.

3. Quit saying you hate visiting your Dentist

Please don’t tell us you hate us. Imagine hearing multiple times during your workday how much you are hated. Expressing anxiety is different — part of my job is to alleviate the pain, fear, and concerns of my patients. But hate? I know of no other profession in which it is acceptable to tell a doctor how much you hate them.

I’m simply doing my job the best that I can and unfortunately when the appointment begins with an insult, it greatly decreases my ability to perform at the highest level. It’s a real downer.

4. We didn’t make you bleed, you not flossing regularly did

We didn’t make you bleed. You not flossing and developing gingivitis from poor home care is what made you bleed. Floss daily and I guarantee your next cleaning will be a lot easier.

5.Not flossing is like wiping your buttcheeks and not the crack.

We see soo many patients that could have avoided cavities, gingivitis, or periodontal disease if they just would’ve picked up some floss more than the day before their next dental appointment or come to the dentist regularly. We’re less likely to have to place fillings, major restorative work, or do deep cleanings with gum therapy, if patients would come in as recommended and take proper care of their teeth.


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